Delhi Transport Portrait

part 1 – Metro Constructions


As a result of the development of a metro system, the city centre of Delhi is undergoing drastic transformation. The aim of this photo series is to document an historic period of upheaval in India’s mobility infrastructure.


The first part of the thesis consists of six large-format photographs. On display are massive, monumental and surrealistic-looking cement pillars which have appeared throughout the city.


The theme of these portraits of a megacity is the modification of urban mobility structures, going hand in hand with the modification of the cityscape and also that of the mobility options and habits of the city’s population.

The focus of these portraits is on the transformational processes affecting the metropolis’ infrastructure. For this reason – and also to break with the image of Indian cities as overcrowded and orderless areas of urbanity – the photos are devoid of people, thus featuring only the construction process of a ‘new’ mobility.