_geduldet. (eng)

The series _geduldet. is made up of 10 portraits of young refugees who, at the time, were staying in Berlin, pending a decision on their asylum claims.


Far from being clichéd photos of refugees, the youth here are shown using the aestheticized imagery evocative of fashion photography. This portrayal is alienating and surprising and is evidently in contrast to the extreme circumstances of the German “stopover” on which these young people find themselves. Having fled one country where a safe and secure life was impossible, a life with “exceptional leave to remain” awaits them: a life in three-month cycles, limited to the bare minimum, accompanied by the constant fear of deportation upon expiry of the next term.


The intention of this work is to show the oppressive life situation of these minors, which contrasts starkly with the needs of adolescence, a time replete with changes along with a yearning for security.